Educational Plan



The educational process comes at the forefront in the FAIR work programme as strategic issue, aiming at enhancing knowledge and expertise, developing human resources, capacities and attaining the same level of skills prevailing in the developed countries.ahmed


The levels & standards of insurance education in the member countries were so much at variance and the need was felt to enhance the academic environments in each of the member countries to the higher levels and standards through the exchange of views, knowledge, expertise in the insurance domain between the member countries. 


FAIR educational  plan, takes into consideration that the levels of development of the Afro-Asian Insurance Markets may differ, but the core activities of cooperation are always and naturally built upon the common elements they have.



Writing Article Awards *


Encouraging writing articles to be published in FAIR Review, is a continuous process to make FAIR Review not only read but also written by FAIR Members. FAIR annually award the writers of the best dissertation published in FAIR Review on Insurance and Risk Management. Special awards are allocated for the best articles on Life & Health Insurance and on Agricultural Insurance.

  • The submitted articles should not exceed 12 pages.

  • The articles are sent to the members of the Educational Committee for evaluation.

  • The evaluation is adopted annually by the Executive Board.

  • The cash prize for the best articles (US$500).


Case Study Competition *

  • The  case study competition is floated every year on a different subject.

  • The competition is floated on one subject only

  • The Executive Board choose the subject of each year

  • The evaluation is adopted annually by the Jury Panel,

  • The jury reserves the right of not declaring any award if the case studies are not found to be commensurate with the minimum standard envisaged for the purpose.

  • Decision of the jury will be final and binding on all the participants.

  • The cash prize for the first cast study is US$3000 & for the second US$1500.

Conditions & Eligibility

Case Study Analysis



*  The competition is open for the staff of FAIR Members ONLY.