Founders Meeting



Delegates attending the Founders' Meeting in Cairo in 1964

Venue : Town Hall  of  Cairo  - Egypt 
Date : 3rd to 5th September 1964
Theme : Formation of F.A.I.R.

The Honorary President of the meeting was Dr. Adel-Moneim El-Qaissouni, Deputy Prime Minister of Economy & Finance representing President Gamal Abdel-Naser.

The speakers in the opening and closing sessions were:

Dr. Al-Qaissouny,
Mr. Gul Mohamed,
Mr. Ahmed Choukri El-Hakim,
Dr. Mohamed Ali Rifaat,
Mr. Tsui Ping,
Mr. Zahiruddin Ahmed,
Mr. Ali El Shafei & Mr. Noureddine El Aneizi.

The meeting resolved to:

- Establish the Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers & Reinsurers "FAIR"
- Approve the Statute & Bylaws of FAIR
- Elect Mr. Ahmed Choukri EI Hakim, Chairman of the Egyptian General Insurance Organization, as FAIR President

Mr. Ahmed Choukri El Hakim, the Founding President of F.A.I.R., stressed the need to map out the Federation's work program, which should be long­term undertaking, "general and flexible", allowing for future benefit of experience, experiment and review and, thereby, ensuring that growth be progressive and balanced. After three days of strenuous work, the representatives laid the foundation for a new era in regional collaboration among Afro-Asian countries in the field of insurance.

Country Company Representative
1.       Algeria 1)         Caisse Algérienne D'Assurance et de Réassurance Mr. Cherif Benelhadj-Said
  2)         Sociétés Algérienne D'Assuranees Mr. Rachid Mohammed
2.       Burma 3)         Union Insurance Board Mr. U. Ko Ko Giyi
3.      Cambodia 4)         Compagnie Nationale D'Assurances Mr. Hong Hoeung Doeung
4.       China 5)         People's Insurance Company of China Mr. Tsui Ping
6)         China Insurance Company Ltd. Mr. Shih Chi Ming
5.       Ethiopia 7)         Imperial Insurance Company of Ethiopia Ltd Mr. Ato Abate Fantaye
6.       Ghana 8)         Ghana State Insurance Corporation Mr. Anthony Woode
Mr. Kumar Anand
7.       India 9)         India Reinsurance Corporation Ltd Mr. S.K. Desai
10)      Indian Insurance Companies Association Mr. P. S. Bhandari
11)      India Guarantee and General Insurance Company Limited Mr. F. K. Daruwalla
8.       Indonesia 12)      P. N. Reasuranci umum Indonesia Mr. H. Poernomo
13)      Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia Cairo Mr. R. Soegondo
9.       Iraq 14)      Iraqi State Insurance Organization Mr. Talib Jamil
15)      Iraq Reinsurance Company Mr. Mustafa Rajab
16)      Baghdad Insurance Company Mr. Abdulbaki Redha          
10.    Jordan 17)      Jordan Insurance Company Mr. Assad Abboud
11.    D. P. R. Korea 18)      The Insurance Company of Korea Mr. Han Joo Bin
Mr. Choi Jai Koog

Mr. Lim Mi Hong
12.    Kuwait 19)      Gulf Insurance Company Mr. Bader Al-Essa              
20)      Kuwait Insurance Company Mr. Shakib Shakhshir
21)      Al-Ahleia Insurance Company S.A.K Mr. Younes Chehade
13.    Lebanon 22)      Middle East Assurance & Reinsurance Company Mr. Henry Beidas
23)      National Insurance Company Mr. Georges Assouad
14.    Libya 24)      Libya National Insurance Company Dr. Ali Noureddin El Aneizi
Mr. Ahmed Enan                  
25)      Ministry of Economy Tripoli Mr. Mohamed Fergajni
15.    Malaysia 26)      The Asia Insurance Company Ltd Mr. Ambadas T. Shimpi
16.    Morocco 27)      Societe Royale Marocaine D'assceance Mr. Mohamed El Zizi
17.    Nigeria 28)      The Universal Insurance Co. Ltd Mr. MAC. Chukinudinlma
18.    Pakistan 29)      Pakistan Insurance Corporation Mr. Zahiruddin Ahmed       
30)      East Pakistan Co-Operative Insurance Society ltd Mr. A. K. M. Fazlul Hug      
31)      New Jubilee Insurance Company Ltd Mr. Shawket Subjally
32)      The Co-operative Insurance Society of Pakistan Ltd Mr. Sheikh Ahmed Mahmud
33)      The National Security Insurance Company Ltd Mr. Sikandarkhan Dehlavi
19.    Tunisia 34)      Societe Tunisienne D’assurance Et De Reassurance Mr. Abdelhafidh Zaanoun
35)      Al Ittihad Co-operative Insurance Society Mr. Fakhreddine Elkateb
20.    United Arab Republic (Egypt) 36)      The Egyptian General Insurance Organization Mr. Ahmed Choukri El Hakim
37.    Alexandria Insurance Company      Mr)      Hassan Abbas Zaki
38)      Misr Insurance Company Mr. Mohamed Ali Arafa
39)      Al-Chark Insurance Company Mr. Mohamed Hassan El Gamal
40)      The Egyptian Reinsurance Company Mr. Ali Ahmed el Shafei
41)      Al Mottahida Insurance Company Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Danish
42)      National Insurance Company Dr. Mohamed Mazloum Hamdi
43)      The Nile Insurance Company Mr. Ahmed Zaky Hilmy
44)      Al-Goumhouriah Insurance Company Mr. Ahmed Abdel Mottaleb Sabek
45)      Cairo Insurance Company Mr. Osman Mohamed Zohdi