Membership Criteria
Ordinary Membership:
Afro-Asian national insurance or reinsurance company and/or holding organization. The ordinary member is:

at least fifty one percent of Afro-Asian ownership and
2)  T
he head-office situated in Africa or Asia.

Associate Membership:
1)  Afro Asian national insurance or reinsurance company whose head-office is situated in Africa or Asia

2)  A
fro-Asian national insurance association, institution or academy.

Correspondent Membership: Other insurance and reinsurance companies or institutions.

FBCS Membership
FAIR Brokers & Consultants Society (FBCS) Membership is open to Afro-Asian Brokerage Companies and/or Insurance Consultancy Firms. Member shall issue immediate notice to FAIR Central Office for any change in particular the ownership, the location, or operation.   FBCS member is: 1) Incorporated, and its headquarter established in Afro-Asian country 2) Owned at least 51% by Afro-Asians 3) Licensed by the National Insurance Supervisory Authority 4) Not an agent marketing the services of Non-Afro-Asian broker.
Membership Fees
Membership Type Admission Fees (payable only once) Annual Subscription (paid in January)
Ordinary & Associate Member company US$ 150 US$ 1300
Training Institute / Academy US$ 150 US$ 550
Correspondent Members US$ 150 US$ 1000
FBCS Members US$ 150 US$ 500
Membership Application Forms
Association / Institution
Training Institute / Academy
Broker / Consultant