General Assembly & Conferences

 FAIR Conferences are organized biennial in Africa or Asia by rotation, according to a decision from the General Meeting, which is the supreme authority of FAIR. FAIR General Meeting holds its sessions in the course of the FAIR Conference, to determine inter alia the general policy and work programme and to elect the President of FAIR and the Executive Board which shall meet at least once yearly and exercises all the powers of the General Meeting unless the latter is in session.

Regional Co-operation for Insurance Developments
Venue : Tunis - Tunisia
Date : 28-30 October 1968
Countries Present :
Algeria, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Poland, Switzerland, Swede, Syria, Tunisia .
Promotion of Afro-Asian Regional Reinsurance Markets
Venue : Karachi - Pakistan
Date : 16th to 18th February 1967
Countries Present :
Algeria, Ceylon, Egypt, Guinea. Indonesia, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Mongolia. Qatar, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey. .