General Meeting


The General Meeting is the supreme Authority of FAIR. It holds sessions at least once every two years rotatively in Africa & Asia.
FAIR General Meeting determines inter alia the general policy, the work programme. It also elects the President and the Executive Committee from amongst representatives of ordinary members from different countries.
Since inception, each successive General Meeting has been a stepping stone in the maturity of the Federation attracting more members who are dedicated to the development of e insurance industry, loyal to regional cooperation and competent professionally to be internationally active partners.
The General Meeting of "FAIR" shall hold sessions at least once every two years at such place and time as are determined at the preceding session. FAIR shall likewise hold a Conference to coincide with its General Meetings at the same place and time.
Power of General Meeting:
It is competent to:
1)     elect e President and two Vice-Presidents and e Members of e Executive Board;
2)     discuss e annual report of e Secretary General;
3)     determine e general policy and programme of work;
4)     approve e budget and accounts;
5)     examine any o er matter submitted by e Executive Board
6)     determine e date and venue of e next session of e General Meeting.