Aviation Pool


 Historical Background
The 9th General Assembly of the Federation of Afro-Asian Insurers and Rueinsurers held in Beijing, China from 16th to 20th September 1985 decided to set up an Aviation Reinsurance Pool., The Executive Committee in its meeting in Casablanca on June 28th - 29th 1988 entrusted Société Centrale de Réassurance Morocco as manager

It was decided to establish a Reinsurance Pool for the following classes of the aviation insurance business:
I. Aircraft and/or any other business allocated to the section;
II. Aircraft liabilities such as Third Party Liability, Passenger Legal Liability, Baggage Liability, Freight Cargo and Mail Legal Liability, Airport Owners and operators Legal Liability, Legal liability, Manufacturers liability
III.  Personal Accident for Passengers, aircrews, air operators, V.I.P.S. etc…, such as Automatic Covers, Coupon Insurance…,
IV. Loss of use the consequential Loss Insurance in respect of partial Loss…;
V. Loss of Licence Insurance for pilots, flying engineers…;
VI. Cargo and/or Baggage Insurance
VII. Contingency Insurance in respect of good records;
VIII. War, Hijacking etc.
  As original, according to the terms and conditions of the original and/or reinsurances of the individual national airlines and/or other aviation fleets as provided hereinafter.

The main objectives of the POOL shall be to accept reinsurance and retrocession business from FAIR insurance and reinsurance members, and all other markets handling the Afro-Asian aviation fleets.,Furthermore, the POOL shall take the necessary action conductive to the increase of the retention capacity of the African and Asian Markets as a whole and the individual members in particular thus minimizing the exit of foreign currency from the member countries market.
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: 1989
: Aviation Insurance
: Mr. Noureddine Allaoui - Directo