Executive Board & Forums

The Executive Board (previously known as Executive Committee) represents and exercises all the powers of the General Meeting save when the latter is in session. 
It motivates all activities and guides all FAIR accomplishments. 
It is composed of The President, two Vice-Presidents and twelve members represent equally the two continents. In addition, the General Meeting co-opt other members who exercise the same duties and powers of the ordinary members except voting which has never been tested.
The Executive Board should meet at least once a year. 
The Forums are held annually to avail enormous networking opportunities for members to interact and exchange business, experience and information. the Forums held for the first time in 1997.
Venue : Muscat - Oman
Date : 24 Sep 2012
Countries Present :
Egypt, China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Oman, U. A. E. .
Venue : Cairo-Egypt
Date : 2-Oct-2011
Countries Present :
Malaysia, Libya, Morocco, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey Co-opted Members: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Oman, Syria, U. A. E. .
Venue : Bandung-Indonesia
Date : 28-Sep-2010
Countries Present :
Malaysia ,Libya ,Morocco, China ,Egypt,India,Indonesia,Iran,Philippines,Sudan,Tunisia,Turkey, zimbabwe Co-opted Members: Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Oman, Syria, U. A. E. .
Venue : Kuala Lumpur
Date : 1-Oct-2009
Countries Present :
Morocco, India, Malaysia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, UAE, Sudan, Philippines, Tunisia, Turkey, Zimbabwe. Co-opted Members: Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Libya, Syria, Nigeria .
Venue : Istanbul
Date : 1-Oct-2008
Countries Present :
Morocco, India, UAE, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Sudan, Philippines, Tunisia, Turkey. Co-opted Members: Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Libya, Syria .
Venue : Marrakech
Date : 1-Oct-2007
Countries Present :
India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan, Tunisia, Bahrain, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Morocco, Turkey. Co-opted Members: Zimbabwe, Algeria, UAE .
Venue : Tehran
Date : 1-Sep-2006
Countries Present :
India, Malaysia, Philippines, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Bahrain, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Morocco, Turkey. Co-opted Members: Algeria, Libya, Syria, UAE .
Venue : Mumbai
Date : 1-Sep-2005
Countries Present :
Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sudan, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, India, Iran, Kenya, Morocco, Turkey. Co-opted Members: Bahrain, Libya, UAE .