Seminars & Workshops

Agriculture and Micro Insurance
Venue : Dakha- Bangladesh
Date : 1-Feb-2013
Countries Present :
Bangladesh Insurance Association .
Pricing and Modeling in Casualty Insurances
Venue : Istanbul, Turkey
Date : 1-Apr-2012
Countries Present :
Turkish Insurance Institute .
Dynamics of Insurance Coverage Arrangement and Rate Application Responding to Recent Catastrophes and Disasters
Venue : Pyongyang - D.P.R. Korea
Date : 1-Jun-2012
Countries Present :
Korea National Insurance Corporation (KNIC) .
The Increasing Claim Awareness particularly for Liabilities and Impact on the Afro-Asian Insurance Market
Venue : Maldives
Date : 1-May-2011
Countries Present :
Allied Insurance Company of Maldives .
FAIR International Medical and Health Insurance Conference
Venue : Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia
Date : 1-Jun-2011
Countries Present :
Malaysian Insurance Institute .
Marine Insurance, Reinsurance; the Challenges of the Time
Venue : Pyongyang - D.P.R. Korea
Date : 1-Jun-2010
Countries Present :
Korea National Insurance Corporation .
Political Violence
Venue : Karachi - Pakistan
Date : 1-Apr-2010
Countries Present :
Pakistan Insurance Institute .
Personal Lines Insurance
Venue : Colombo, Sri Lanka
Date : 1-Jun-2009
Countries Present :
Insurance Association of Sri Lanka .